How to Hire a Landscape Contractor


The task of hiring a landscaper involves checking several things that shows the company is able to handle the job professionally. Since not all companies are reliable, you need to take some time to look for essential factors and qualifications before striking the deal.

Authenticity and Legitimacy

Before hiring, check if the company is authentic and legitimate. The company must have a valid license from the state government, plus an insurance cover for all its workers. A license shows if the contractor is authorized to handle landscaping jobs within that jurisdiction, while insurance cover ensures safety of the workers. However, check if the insurance policy is registered with Insurance Policy Agency.


Liability in Case of Injuries

If a worker is injured while on your site, the contractor is liable for medical costs. This is possible if the company has insurance cover for its employees. Therefore, ask if the company can show you the documents. A reliable landscaping contractor will be ready and willing to show you the documents. In case you find the company has no insurance cover against injuries to its workers, look for another one.

Registered With Better Business Bureau

All reliable landscaping companies are registered with BBB, where the companies are rated based on clients’ satisfaction. Here you can see if the company has any unresolved customers’ complaints. Also, customers give feedback about a company through BBB. If there are many unresolved cases, this is a clear indication that the company is not reliable. Through BBB, you can also check the number of years a company has been operating.

Photos of Past Work

The work of landscapers is to install pavements, plantings, water features, lawn-maintenancedecks, and site walls among other projects. They work with many materials, and sometimes they may sub-contract the jobs. Most contractors will take photos of their jobs so that they can show new customers what they have successfully done. Therefore, ask for such photos before hiring a company.


Experience in this case does not really depend on the number of years a company has been in the landscaping industry. Actually, the contractor must have been handling similar jobs. If your job involves installing pavements, hire a landscaper who has been handling similar jobs for the past several years. Remember, landscapers are specialized in different areas. Therefore, hire the right company to do the job.


A reliable landscaping company will have several references, and therefore you can ask the contractor to give you phone numbers of several past clients. Call them and ask if they were pleased with the contractor’s job. If the contractor is not willing to give you references, that is a good reflector of unreliability. So, don’t work with such contractors.


Landscaping job involves changing the looks of a place and then installing new shape. The materials installed are likely to impact the environment, and therefore the contractor should inform you about the materials and methods to be used. The contractor should use sustainable materials and methods in order to ensure the environment is not extremely degraded. You can know if the contractor values the environment while discussing about the project.